Welcome to The Practice Shrewsbury – Counselling & Therapy Centre

We are a counselling and therapy centre with a new approach, a relaxed, modern space, providing a wider range of professional counselling and psychotherapy services in Shrewsbury town centre.   We aim to positively nurture, develop and enhance psychological wellbeing across Shropshire.  We call it ‘mental wealth’ and we’re here to help you find some.

We all know that life can be ludicrous, crazy, fabulous, tough, complicated, overwhelming.  Often all of the above.  Everybody has a unique story and it’s our experiences which help us learn, grow and make us stronger.   No matter how things might appear on the surface, everyone…..Yes everyone, sometimes feels a bit lost or needs help to understand or share stuff.  It’s just how life is.

We’re all in the same boat, everyone gets tumbled about, we all try to hang on, find our balance and sometimes well…. life just tips us sideways.   The Practice is here to offer the scaffolding, reassurance and mental sustenance to gain clarity, strength and keep you upright no matter what life throws at you.  And it’s OK to not be OK.  Even better to feel more OK.