Our Counsellors

Nicola Vincent
Nicola Vincent
Adults & Young Adults (18yrs+)
Tamsyn Chafer-Cook
Tamsyn Chafer-Cook
Primary Age Children

Choosing A Counsellor

Here’s how to do it…..

You are always welcome to call us, email us, text us to book an appointment to meet for an initial meeting.

Please call our central telephone number (07858 757561) and have a chat with us or email a few details to hello@thepracticeshrewsbury.co.uk  and we will be able to discuss best options and refer you to the most appropriate counsellor for your needs, Or…

Browse our counsellor biographies, which outline what each of us does;  the areas in which we work and specialise;  then all you have to do is to choose one who offers the particular skills which reflect your needs.

Please feel free to call for a chat, text us or email a counsellor directly and we will respond as soon as we can to make an appointment with you to meet for an initial meeting.  From there we can meet, talk, assess your needs and explore best options to support you.

More choice, with more venues, a variety of practitioners and no waiting lists.