Our Services

All of our counsellors and therapists are fully qualified and experienced to work with the everyday, normal things which many of us face at some point, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions, phobias, low self-esteem and lack of confidence …

Who Does What

  • Adults (18+)  – All our counsellors work with Adults
  • Children Adolescents & Young People (13yrs+) – Nicola
  • Young Children (3-13yrs)  – Tamsyn
  • Parents – All our counsellors

Specialist Services

  • Play Therapy (3-13yrs) – Tamsyn
  • Teenage and Adolescent Therapy (13-17yrs) – Nicola
  • Loss, Grief & Bereavement – Jacquie
  • Sudden & Traumatic Death including Miscarriage & Infant Death – Jacquie
  • Psychological coaching  – Jacquie & Nicola
  • Gender and Sexual Relationship Diversity – Jennifer
  • Expressive writing therapy – Nicola
  • Eco and Nature therapy – Jennifer & Tamsyn

We are also happy to refer you to other local counselling colleagues with other specialist areas.

How We Work

The best place to start is to make an appointment to meet a counsellor for an initial consultation.  At this session we meet, talk and understand more about the things you’re experiencing, so we can explore best options together and offer you a way forwards.  These introductory meetings cost £30.00.  All payments are made directly to each individual counsellor and they will provide payment details to you when you book an appointment.

If you choose to pursue therapy or counselling, your counsellor will book appointments which suit your preferred day and time.  Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £50.00 per session.   You can continue counselling for as long as you need it and of course you can stop at any time.